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​幹細胞の不思議に魅せられ、皮膚、精巣など色々なシステムを用い、研究を行ってきました。2019年10年に熊本IRCMSで独立、2023年7月より九州大学の生医研に移り、日々楽しく研究しています。九州はご飯が美味しいので幸せです。ペットはウーパールーパー 。








Wenxin Fan


I am Wency. I come from China. I am graduated from Chongqing medical university. It is my great honor to join such a wonderful team under the guidance of Dr.Sada. I believe everything is possible if we put efforts to it! (世上无难事,只要肯攀登)Let’s give a shot!


​Tomson Kosasih


Tomson is a student in the Graduate School of Medical Sciences. He obtained PharmD and MSc (Biomedical Sciences) before working in a Biopharmaceutical company on chemical protein modification for 2 years. From 2021, he is a member of Sada's Lab studying microbial signals-stem cell dynamics.


Thisakorn Dumrongphuttidecha

(博士学生、Rajamangal University of Technology Thanyaburi Scholarship)

Hi! I am from Thailand. I am interested in skin regeneration and aging. It is a wonderful opportunity to be a member of  Dr. Sada’s lab. I believe that I will get extensive medical knowledge and advanced research skills from IRCMS, Kumamoto University under the guidance of Dr. Sada and enjoy life in Kumamoto.


Trisha Biswas Shanta


Hello!  I am Trisha from Bangladesh. I have interests in the epigenetics, stem cells, skin renewal and aging process. Currently, I am working with Dr. Aiko Sada. I am so glad to have a great team here. I also hope that I will improve my understanding of this field and can utilize my knowledge for future skin research. Though It is my new journey in the field of skin regeneration, I hope this new journey will be the best journey in my life. I like to spend leisure time by singing, reading story books and travelling. 

Phung Hung Manh_Image.jpg

Phung Hung Manh


Hi! I am a Vietnamese PhD student. I am curious about the mechanism of aging in the skin and the way the skin responds to various intrinsic and extrinsic stresses during the aging process.  And now I am working with Dr. Sada to clarify the mechanism of epidermal stem cell aging and tissue regeneration. I hope that my studies will contribute to elucidating further skin aging and may be applied to provide a new therapeutic strategy to prevent skin aging and contribute to healthy longevity.




Hi, I am Date Hinata. I joined Sada Laboratory after obtaining my master's degree from the Graduate School of Science and Technology, Kumamoto University. I am particularly interested in aging and regenerative medicine, and would like to understand how and why our bodies change as we age. Through my research in the Sada Laboratory, I hope to deepen my understanding of the aging system, which still remains a mystery.




Hi, I received my master's degree from Kumamoto University and then started a PhD at Kyushu University. I am interested in skin science and regenerative medicine, so join Sada lab. I am from Yokohama in Kanagawa and graduated from university of Rikkyo, faculty of science in Tokyo. And there, I learned cell biology. My hobby is playing basketball and eating delicious food. I will do my best to be able to make a great discovery!


Wanqing Li


Hello! My name is Wanqing Li and I come from Beijing, China. I have completed a Master's degree at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. I am honored to join Dr. Sada's team in exploring the fields of skin regeneration and aging. I am particularly interested in skin stem cells because they hold the promise of addressing the aging-related concerns that affect us all. I hope to contribute to the development of innovative approaches to promote skin regeneration and combat the effects of aging.


矢野 和代



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