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Bhanubhong Prommalee

Ph.D. student (double degree program)

I am so grateful to have an opportunity to be part of Dr. Aiko' s team. As a Thai pharmacist who is interested in clinical pharmacy and health informatics, getting more knowledge of skin regeneration and aging will be consolidated and conducted for my drug discovery research. 


Tomson Kosasih

Ph.D. student (MEXT)

Tomson is a student in the Graduate School of Medical Sciences. He obtained PharmD and MSc (Biomedical Sciences) before working in a Biopharmaceutical company on chemical protein modification for 2 years. From 2021, he is a member of Sada's Lab studying microbial signals-stem cell dynamics.


Thisakorn Dumrongphuttidecha

Ph.D. student

(Rajamangal University of Technology Thanyaburi Scholarship)

Hi! I am from Thailand. I am interested in skin regeneration and aging. It is a wonderful opportunity to be a member of  Dr. Sada’s lab. I believe that I will get extensive medical knowledge and advanced research skills from IRCMS, Kumamoto University under the guidance of Dr. Sada and enjoy life in Kumamoto.


Wenxin Fan

Ph.D. student (JST SPRING fellowship)

I am Wency. I come from China. I am graduated from Chongqing medical university. It is my great honor to join such a wonderful team under the guidance of Dr.Sada. I believe everything is possible if we put efforts to it! (世上无难事,只要肯攀登)Let’s give a shot!

Phung Hung Manh_Image.jpg

Phung Hung Manh

Ph.D. student (MEXT)

Hi! I am a Vietnamese PhD student. I am curious about the mechanism of aging in the skin and the way the skin responds to various intrinsic and extrinsic stresses during the aging process. And now I am working with Dr. Sada to clarify the mechanism of epidermal stem cell aging and tissue regeneration. I hope that my studies will contribute to elucidating further skin aging and may be applied to provide a new therapeutic strategy to prevent skin aging and contribute to healthy longevity.


Trisha Biswas Shanta

Ph.D. student (MEXT)

Hello!  I am Trisha from Bangladesh. I have interests in the epigenetics, stem cells, skin renewal and aging process. Currently, I am working with Dr. Aiko Sada. I am so glad to have a great team here. I also hope that I will improve my understanding of this field and can utilize my knowledge for future skin research. Though It is my new journey in the field of skin regeneration, I hope this new journey will be the best journey in my life. I like to spend leisure time by singing, reading story books and travelling. 


Hinata Date

Ph.D. student

Hi, I am Date Hinata. I joined Sada Laboratory after obtaining my master's degree from the Graduate School of Science and Technology, Kumamoto University. I am particularly interested in aging and regenerative medicine, and would like to understand how and why our bodies change as we age. Through my research in the Sada Laboratory, I hope to deepen my understanding of the aging system, which still remains a mystery.


Ikuto Nishikawa

Master student

Hi, I am a master’s student in Kumamoto university. I am interested in skin science and regenerative medicine, so join Sada lab. I am from Yokohama in Kanagawa and graduated from university of Rikkyo, faculty of science in Tokyo. And there, I learned cell biology. My hobby is playing basketball and eating delicious food. I will do my best to be able to make a great discovery!


Ahmed Gamal Kamel Habib

Visiting researcher

Hi, my name is Ahmed. I am from Egypt. I graduated from Hiroshima University.  Currently, I am a visiting researcher in Dr. Sada’s lab. I am interested in understanding the mechanisms that regulate epidermal stem cell aging and exploring how the stem cells of the skin behave during aging. I hope my work will lead to identify new selective targets for the development of therapies for aging-related diseases in the skin, including cancer and improve human health longevity. 


Takako Keida
​Laboratory Technician

Takako has been working in Kumamoto University for 20 years! She joined Sada lab in 2020 April. 

Rina Nagata
​Administrative Assistant

Ms. Nagata supports administrative work.


Aiko Sada


Aiko Sada received a Ph.D. in 2011 from the Graduate University for Advanced Studies, Japan. Soon after her graduation, she joined Dr. Tudorita Tumbar’s laboratory at Cornell University, as a postdoctoral fellow, where she worked on identification and characterization of epidermal stem cells. In 2016, she started as a tenure-track Assistant professor at University of Tsukuba. In 2019, she started her own laboratory at IRCMS, Kumamoto University. In 2023, she moved to Kyushu University and was promoted to professor.


Mizuho Ishikawa
Assistant Professor

Hi, I am Mizuho Ishikawa. I graduated from Tottori University and now I joined Dr. Sada's lab. I am interested in skin stem cells, aging, and vasculature. Through doing research on stem cells and aging in this lab, I hope to solve a part of the mystery of life phenomena as much as possible.


Nguyen Thi Kim Nguyen​Postdoctoral Fellow

Hi, my name is Nguyen. I am from Vietnam. I graduated from the University of Tsukuba and now I am working at Sada lab. as a postdoc. I am interested in skin stem cells and aging. I hope that my research will contribute to the understanding of skin aging and can be applied to prevent aging in the future. 

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