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Fellowship opportunities for graduate students at Kumamoto University, Japan


The fellowship system is quite complicated (even for me), so I would like to summarize the information as of July 2021.

Graduate students who conduct research activities at IRCMS (including Sada Lab) at Kumada University will be affiliated with the Kumamoto University, Graduate School of Medical Sciences (Master's and Doctoral Programs). Although this is a medical graduate school, it is not necessary to have graduated from a medical school. The master's degree is 2 years and the doctoral degree is 4 years, but early completion is also possible.

Admission information is here.

The first round of recruitment is July application and August entrance examination (for October or April enrollment), the second round is December application and January entrance examination (for April enrollment). The entrance examination schedule is similar to other national universities in Japan.

The following is a list of the main financial aid available for graduate students at Kumamoto University. If you are interested in applying, please contact me, as I will support you in discussing and developing your research plan together, giving you feedback on your application. I also find that my thoughts come together during discussion with students and postdocs, so proposal writing is important.

(1) Priority placement of government (MEXT)-sponsored international students "Educational Program for the extension of healthy life expectancy

Stipend: 145,000yen per month, Travel expense, Fees for enrollment and tuition will be exempted. Less competitive than other MEXT programs.

The theme of the course is health and longevity, which is perfect for our research! Our University also have the Research Center for Metabolic Control of Health and Longevity. The first batch of students will be enrolled in October 2021, and one student will join the Sada Lab.

(2) IRCMS Fellowship

International Research Center for Medical Sciences (IRCMS), to which Sada Lab belongs, invites applications twice a year for IRCMS fellowships for master's and doctoral students.

Applications are accepted in October/November for students entering in April, and in June/July for those entering in October. All nationalities, including Japanese, are welcome to apply. The monthly fee is 90,000 yen.

(3) Health and Life Sciences S-HIGO Professional Development Fellowship (S-HIGO Fellowship)

The S-HIGO Fellowship, which provides doctoral students with a monthly stipend of 150,000 yen plus an annual research grant of 200,000 yen, began in the 2021 academic year. It is supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) and the Project for Establishing University Fellowships for the Creation of Science and Technology Innovation.

The S-HIGO Program is the successor to the HIGO Program, the Leading Program for Doctoral Education, and offers a wide range of seminars and other programs. There are also internships at companies, which are recommended for those who want to gain a wide range of experience in academia and industry.

(4) Financial Support at Kumamoto University Graduate School of Medical Sciences

There is a tuition waiver system and a scholarship system (KDS, KWS). 530,000 yen per year for KDS and 270,000 yen per year for KWS.

(5) JSPS Research Fellowships and private scholarships

I listed up here.

IRCMS has a system to support students and postdocs in applying for fellowships. We want to support you as much as possible so that you can focus on your research without worrying about money. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you’re interested in.



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