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Erna Raja

Postdoctoral Fellow

(July 2019 to May 2022)

Follow up position:

Assistant Professor,

University of Tsukuba

Hi, I am currently working on skin stem cell aging with Dr. Sada. We are interested in the aging mechanism due to cell intrinsic factors, microenvironment and cell-cell interaction. Research life has been exciting and gives me the chance to meet and learn from many different cultures. In my free time I enjoy gardening, fishing, nature walk and eating good food! 


Yen Xuan Ngo

Postdoctoral Fellow

​(April 2018 to July 2022)

Follow up position:

Postdoc, RIKEN

Hi, I come from Vietnam and currently be interested in oral epithelial stem cell and tissue engineering. I love research and mouse experiments because sciences are full of curiosity and imagination. I have chance to travel, meet and work with people from different cultures. What I would do if I have free time: I prefer reading books, travelling and exploring good food.

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Mohamed Hegazy Mohamed Ahmed

Visiting researcher

​(April 2022 to October 2022)

Follow up position:

Lecturer, Minia University (Egypt)

Hello. I am Hegazy an Egyptian postdoctoral fellow. I obtained my Ph.D. from Kanazawa University, Japan in September 2016. Then, I was a postdoctoral researcher at Kunming Medical University, China (2018-2020). I’m very happy to finally join Sada sensei Lab. In Dr. Aiko's group, I will be focusing on defining the metabolic alterations in epidermal stem cells in both mice and human skin. I hope our research would have a great impact on the scientific field and importantly translated to improve human health. During my free time, I enjoy watching football (Soccer), Fishing, and Traveling.

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